Inspirational Speaker 

I am available to speak on a variety of inspirational topics such as:

Forgiveness: What does that Mean and How Do We Do It?  is one of my most requested topics.

Managing a Busy

Mind Teaching Mindfulness to children in our schools and at home

Conscious Parenting

Creating Peace Across Religious Barriers

Improving Relationships Through Non-Violent Communication

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Those were 2 wonderful services! Thank you, -Bruce

Again I want to tell you how much I liked your service. Things to think about and hopefully I will try to improve my forgiveness skills. I think if young thinkers heard your thinking about the scripture reading we would have more folk searching for peace together. Too many of us heard the Bible Stories but we were taught to take them literally.  Good to hear your thoughts. - June

Thank you for being our guest speaker today. I loved the Spiritual buffet you offered, and took several tasty bites.
You share and disclose so much as you help us to understand your journey whilst leading us on our own path of discovery. Wow! Nice interpretation  of the scripture! I never imagined that those possessions and walls were in my mind! May I welcome the crumbling of the walls bit by bit, as I learn the importance of this freedom and of revelation.
I so enjoyed your service and hope that others will learn and appreciate all that you present at the buffet.
Keep on doing what your are doing!


Just wanted to say how valuable your Sunday soul sessions are for Vito and myself! - Brenda

You are always able to give me an opportunity to reflect on my own life. Thank you for sharing. I certainly will give your communication ideas a try.  - Kathy R.

Jill has done a number of workshops at DCAFS for our staff, and I've been lucky enough to participate in each one.  Jill is warm, friendly and down to earth.  When Jill teaches about mindfulness, she uses humour and relatable scenarios we have all found ourselves in from time to time - this approach really helps people who have never considered the notion of mindfulness to understand how they could use it and glean the benefits! Thanks, Jill, for the work you do in helping us all feel more grounded and at peace. - Jennifer Moore, Executive Director,DCAFS

I really enjoyed your class. I felt at ease and comfortable and you gave lots of "take aways" of things to easily try at home! Thank you so much! - Shawna

Jill is an amazing person that bares her soul. Her messages and thoughts strike home. I am glad to attend her classes. - Johan

The meditation and visualization were very easy to follow and very powerful. - Alexandra G.

Thank you so much , it was lovely and I'm looking forward to next week! - Sarah