What Happened?

The last week of August I had the most terrifying thing happen. It was like your worst nightmare come true. That’s right, you guessed it: my computer broke down. My whole world came to a crashing halt as I tried to figure out how to edit and print wedding material, correspond effectively with clients, post updates on my show, prepare for future tapings and write my September newsletter as well as the other endless day to day things we now do on the computer like shop and pay bills. 

There is always something good that comes out of challenges so I was open to receiving the good from my electronic world coming to a halt. Over the 6 long torturous days without my computer, I learned a lot. The first thing was that it turns out I can do way more things on my phone than I realized, like edit and print documents. I also realized that I could borrow my son’s MacBook and access most of my emails and materials as almost everything is on line or up in a cloud somewhere. I also realized that I need to self regulate my own screen time and during our last week of summer holidays, I enjoyed more time and conversations with my kids by the pool than I had most of the summer. I actually began to enjoy the fact that my computer was dead. In those 6 days I also did some personal inventory on how I spend my time.

So, what does this mean to you? You'll no longer receive my monthly newsletter/blog. The changes don't stop there. I am no longer leading small group discussions in various locations and I am moving out of my office space in Orangeville. I absolutely love writing and often on a daily basis experience an a-ha moment where I think, "I could write about that!", I also love to lead small group discussions as well as meet with individuals or couples in my office. So, why am I letting these things go? I decided I don't have to work at doing all of these things. Trying to do it all was compromising me from my ultimate goal. Speaking to large audiences makes my heart sing and being a TV Host is absolutely thrilling. 

So now as I enjoy my computer being alive and up and running, I am grateful for this re-prioritizing of activities. My guess is you will still receive an email from me now and then as I will keep you updated on my show or other events. 

The other news is my Director created a new YouTube channel just for our shows so please click here to subscribe or "resubscribe" 

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And remember, if you life seems too busy, too hectic and too filled up with screen time, I invite you to stop and ask yourself, in all that I am doing, what is truly most important to me? Get real, get focused and get creative on finding ways to do what you are really passionate about. 


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